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tons of paper miniatures for your wargames and roleplaygames

If you are looking for good looking paper miniatures for your wargames and roleplyagmes, well, you are in the right place! Belowe you will find the main categories of my paper miniatures.

Since late 2018 I draw paper miniatures for various periods and settings in different scales but primary in the classical 28mm size.



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I've been a wargamer for at least 10 years and and a rpg player and DM for about two years... in all this time i recognized that plastic and metal miniatures are too big of an expense. In terms of money and time needed. But what made me most unhappy 4-5 months ago was tthat I couldn't find the miniatures that I wanted.

So i decided to start following a 3d course for 3d modelling...I have to say that it's wonderful what you can do with those programs but i felt that i needed a lot of time and effort too...

And not to mention the cost of a 3d printer and the time it needs to print, so i searched for another solution. 

The solution in my opinion is paper miniatures. They are cheap and quick to assemble, everyone can print them easily, storing them is not a problem and thanks to the fact that i m good enought at drawing I can make the miniatures that I want! 

Join me in this paper adventure!!!



Sure!!! contact me!!! and we will discuss about it :D

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